Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Achieve Excellence through EPIC's Transformational Training

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High Performance Leadership Training

We believe that high performance is not sustainable without attention to our behaviors as leaders. Through workshops and executive coaching, we work collaboratively and creatively with senior leaders to identify performance gaps and develop strategies to fill them.


Utilizing principles from the conscious leadership methodology, we support leaders in understanding how to become transformational leaders through taking radical responsibility for themselves in a team environment.





A Note from Stacey...

Being A Transformation Agent Inside Your Organization

Transformation agent! That's what I wanna be when I grow up... this is a statement I wrote in my journal over a decade ago and to reflect upon it later on after creating so many transformation initiatives was inspiring. You too as a leader have created change in many different ways in the organizations you have served. The truth, as you know, is that the only thing constant in business and in life is... change. By working with me, you will be able to reignite your passion and intrinsic motivation for creating impactful and lasting change.


So how does one become a transformation agent? Or better yet, what are the qualities required to assist others in their transformation journey. Let me share some gems from my own experience. 


1. Be open, curious and learning

2. Know that you are only as good as those that have gone before you

3. Remember the people

4. Don't forget to read a book, or blog or several

5. Accept that mistakes are actually necessary


Let me and the members of our team support you and your team on this journey of EPIC Transformation