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2020 Tadas! A Celebratory Year In Review

Let's Celebrate Surviving 2020!


Like many of you at the beginning of 2020 I had a list of all the amazing things I was going to create, achieve or go after in this milestone year. When COVID rolled around, I must admit, I was concerned about being able to realize many of my dreams but soon my life sped up to a pace I could barely keep up with and those goals fell to the wayside as I navigated our New World.


So, today I want to invite you to celebrate your wins, your "Tada!" moments. The things you learned, achieved, made it through...That's right. I'm not dwelling on how challenging this year has been - WHY? Cause we've spent enough time doing that. Instead, let's celebrate the survive and thrive moments that came about in the midst of one of the most historical years of our time.


Here are some of my "Tadas" and lessons learned:


I Survived Lockdown and Quarantine! You may not have thought about this one but here's the thing... I think we should all celebrate making it through months of separation from friends and family.


I Homeschooled 4 Children Between The Ages of 10 and 17! PLUS I housed my 21 year old for 6 months while his university was transitioning. Yeessss! You better believe that I had all my children, PLUS 2 bonus who all had school from home at some point. The school levels ranged from prep, middle, high school AND yes, university from home is included! Isn't that wild? Kudos to ALL the moms out there who were on the same train and had little ones to tend to. I learned new levels of patience that I didn't know existed and relearned Math and English lessons I never thought I'd see again.

 Connecting With My Family Became a Higher Priority. Family is truly everything. I'm a recovering workaholic and one of the areas that has suffered in the past is spending time with my family. I'm not proud of this, but it's true. I found a new lease on family time this year and it has been so rewarding! My children and I have gotten closer and created lots of new memories together. Plus, I expanded my family at home, and I welcomed two nieces and a cousin. Babies are such a wonderful addition to any family and brought us soooo much joy during our time apart. I also spent more quality time with my mom and sister than I have in years.


My Habits Became My Heroes. The first several months of COVID saw me working extremely long hours and weekends. Thanks to my morning practices of setting intentions with my Daily Intention Cards, practicing yoga and meditation I was always able to find "my feel good" and access some peace of mind. I could tell if I missed more than a day or two of my morning routines. I also actively sought out new night time routines to help with sleeplessness and change exhaustion. This is still a work in progress, but I'm figuring it out.

I Celebrated 10 Years Of Surviving Cancer With An Online Launch Event. This was shared with some very special women who joined forces with me to share their own survival stories or tools for thriving beyond challenging circumstances. The 3-day launch event saw over 7,000 people online on IG and FB and introduced my memoir 5 Year Love Affair and my affirmation cards- Epic Intention Cards to the world. They've both received great reviews on Amazon. Thanks to you, my community for making the experience a huge success.

Finding Magic in Meltdowns. Like many of you, I had a few meltdowns in the midst of the pandemic. The worst of them was right around October when work from home and island fever hit me like a ton of bricks. But you know what? After each release of negative emotion through crying, bouts of complaining or moments of anxiety and sadness, I allowed myself to find more clarity about what I needed. I did this through talking with coaches and therapists or through mindfulness exercises that I did on my own. I even published a couple of my therapy sessions as a part of my Podcast.
Begin with Intention and End with Gratitude. This is the one thing I'm taking with me into 2021 that was a HUGE learning for me this year. The days that proved to be the most meaningful, productive or harmonious and helped me access peace of mind were the ones that I began with a focus on intention. Whenever I journal and use my intention cards to set the tone for the day, I was rewarded by attracting thoughts and experiences that whatever I needed to make my days go well. I found many opportunities to virtually support people in pivoting and planning a new path for themselves. One way we did this was with re-introducing the Life Transformation Online Course that helped persons with taking on a new life on their terms. This has been a major system for my life transformation and one that we've seen great results from. In the course, we explain the power of intentional thinking and the path to accessing more gratitude on your way to greatness. I believe that's what we are all seeking on some level, to have the best life experience we can while we are here. Now more than ever, it's time to take this on for yourself.