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Today’s organizations are learning to balance the realities of a new industrial era that presents many changes, challenges and opportunities. This requires us all to revisit our definition of “Good Leadership” and “High Performers” and the tools and methodologies we use to develop and support our evolving workforce.


Epic Transformation, a leadership development and wellness company focuses on developing the core competencies required for the leader of today and the future. We provide consultative and coaching services delivered in workshops, retreats, group and individual coaching sessions. Our clients range from entrepreneurs to large multi-national conglomerates who share one thing in common – The desire to transform themselves and the way they work and lead.


Strategy Building & Execution 

Effectively structure and implement a strategic plan. Methodologies and Frameworks include: OKRs, Balanced Scorecard, SMART, or we can custom build to suit your needs.

As certified strategy builders, we are adept at leading workshops or providing one on one coaching for project managers, strategic planners, and leaders at all levels in the organization.


Team Collaboration & Ideation

Inspire innovative ideas and creative collaboration within teams using these methods. Shift your team from being or feeling stuck to creating breakthrough ideation in a safe space.


Simplify & Innovate

Learn simple ways of working that will allow individuals and teams to create ease and flow in how work gets done. Demystify effective meetings and emails and create work processes that work for you.


Leadership Basics

Learn ways to create individual and team transformation through implementation of feedback, delegation and time management.


Femme Powered Woman In Leadership Program

Develop your leadership power, presence and mental resilience so that you can build and maintain success. This program uses powerful principles from conscious leadership and our own trademarked leadership development methodology curated specifically for women. 


Conscious Leadership

Using distinctions from mindfulness leadership practices, these trainings seek to ignite conversations and thinking that create leadership self-awareness, bring clarity where there is team conflict or confusion, eliminate office drama & gossip while increasing trust and healthy team work relationships and habits.

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Energy Mastery Training

A focused approach to a leaders energy and its direct co-relation to success as an individual and as a team leader or business unit. This revolutionary and scientifically proven coaching method provides a guided roadmap to leadership transformation. Recognizing the 7 levels of energy and mastering success by harnessing their positive attributes. 

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